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Create your own robot army! Collect and equip combat robot according to your taste and style of play!

Metal against flesh! Fight alone or with friends. Sends robots in the thick of battle, to destroy the enemy!

Cultivate your army! Explore new technologies and advanced open the hull and cool weapons!

Warbots Online is mobile strategy with indirect control scheme inspired by classic strategy games. The main feature of the game is an indirect control that lets players give commands to units without controlling them directly. Warbots online bring old-school hardcore mechanics to the modern mobile platforms.

In Warbots Online you are going to be a captain of Human colonial fleet and with other players take part in the planetary war with advanced alien race. To complete tasks colonists use warbots — universal, highly customizable modular robots, which you can design by you own through in-game constructor. There are two different game modes in Warbots Online. You may either complete campaign and carry out single and cooperative side missions on the planet’s surface in PvE-mode or take part in free PVP mode, which allows you to challenge other players during the side missions on the planet surface.